Puran Defrag

Puran Defrag 7.1

Fast hard drive and boot defrag tool


  • Analyzes and defrags
  • Scans boot sector
  • Allows scheduling


  • Can slow down system when in use

Very good
Defragging your hard drive is one of the easiest and simplest ways to make your system run faster and reduce hard drive wear and tear.

Defragging your boot sector can also help in speeding up start-up times and Puran Defrag allows you to do both through a simple, yet efficient defrag utility which defrags files and optimizes your system. In other words, it collects all the random fragments of your file structures and puts them back together in a more ordered and logical form.

Like most defrag tools, Puran Defrag does slow down your system if it's used while you're working on it. It's highly recommended you allow Puran Defrag to work overnight or while you are not using your PC. To help you in this respect, Puran Defrag allows you to automatically schedule the defragging of your drive every boot, once a week, on a specific day of the month or even every half hour.

The boot defrag is one of the most useful features - your boot file regularly needs to be defragged to ensure that boot-ups are as quick as possible. Scanning this in Puran Defrag requires a restart or shutdown but that's par for the course for this type of scan.

What gives Puran Defrag something a little more over other defraggers is it uses its patented 'Puran Intelligent Optimize' (PIOZR). It's hard to say whether this makes it faster than the average defragger but both analyzing and defragging are impressively quick. A status bar keeps you informed of the progress and the multicolored cluster display typical to most defrag tools shows you what's happening graphically.

Puran Defrag is a quick and easy defrag tool with plenty of scheduling options that will help keep your hard drive in tip-top condition. Just remember to use it regularly for optimum effect.

Version 7.0 Major update with added fast PIOZR, powerful delete files option and shutdown support.


  • Version 7.0 Major update with added fast PIOZR, powerful delete files option and shutdown support.
Puran Defrag


Puran Defrag 7.1

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